Saturday, June 7, 2008

Boo's Looking for a helper

Oh my gosh, I keep forgetting I have a blog...LOL I spend so much time looking at other blogs and working on the Boo's Blossoms Blog I forget mine. Today I will show off some of the things I have been working on after I show you what is going on in Boo's World. Boo has been so busy, joined a couple of new stores DOS and She is so busy and keeping us that way also, that she needs some help, in the form of a person to post her ads.

With Boo joining the new stores, of course she has to make new kits, and she certainly has been busy. Here are a couple she has at DSO Faded Bouquet
And this one Boo'Licious
Here are the layouts I made using these kits. First will be from Faded Bouquet

Brianna Lynn
Brianna at 7 months. This is the cover for Brianna's Shutterfly book. Created as CT for BoolandDesigns and as cover for Brianna's book.
BoolandDesigns, Faded Bouquet, CBrady Template #4, FifthAvenueSalonNF and

All Grown Up
Our Grand daughter is growing up, way too fast for me for sure...LOL
BoolandDesigns, Faded Bouquet, jennilyn_cheaterschallenge19, Mia's Scribblings ~, Eye Candy Impact Glass and Bevel

My Son
My son and his 2 darling kids, he is one of the Richest Men
alive, because of their love. Created as CT for BoolandDesigns
and for the Quote Challenge at DSO.
BoolandDesigns, Boo'Licious, KimB Bday T2, Zirkon

Credits: Daddy's Girl
Family Friend and his baby daughter, one of those wonderful, Daughter/Father
relationships. Created as CT for BoolandDesigns.
BoolandDesigns, Boo'Licious, Template by FotosbyLisaJo, HeraldSquare and MaryHelenJF, Eye Candy Impact Bevel and Glass

Not much going on here, it is hot and dry and my poor yard shows it already. Last year we had so much rain, and now this year very tiny sprinklings, oh well that is why most of my plants will make it either way. Off to she what all I can find to get into today, probably nothing except maybe a late lunch out and a walk through at Wally World, I lead such an exciting life.....NOT