Tuesday, May 26, 2009

May 09 DSO color challenge papers

Just a quicky tonight. Here are the papers I made for KimB's color challenge at DSO (click here to download). It is 15 papers thought I might actually get around to making some elements but the 'mojo' for that is LONG gone I think.
Lots going on around here, just still trying to get my thoughts all gathered up. Our oldest son announced Friday night, he and his family are thinking seriously about moving to Tulsa OK, of course that means we would move also. Cannot live without the kids you know... Not a real good time to be considering a move like that, but if they move so will we, it would just take us longer since we have our house to sell among other things. I love the Tulsa area so moving there isn't a problem for me, since our other son already lives up there, just such a pain to have to get ready for that kind of move. The fact that hubby and I both are such pack rats, there will have to be LOTS of sorting and filling trash bags, trips to the recycle bin and to make donations at the Salvation Army, but it can be done if we work on it everyday. Heck it is something we should be doing anyway...LOL
Ok will try to post again soon,

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

BOO's Back and hosting the SAS-y Color Challenge

Well well, we thought she was gone for good this time, but alas she swam upstream through all the PC problems and made her way back to the Digi-Scrapping World and we are certainly glad about that. She came back with a bang and I'll show you more about that later plus will also show it on the Boo's Blossoms Blog which I promise to UPDATE today.

Here is the color swatch she choose for May
And here are the papers I made using them.

You can either click on the preview or HERE to download. If you like these colors you really should check out the other beautiful kits that have been designed and offered at Stone Accents Studio in The Color Challenge Gallery

There are some really outstanding layouts and Free kits there.

On the Homefront, hubby is almost over whatever kind of flu he had, but we are CERTAIN it wasn't the Swine Flu, had it before that Hoop-La started and he sure hasn't been to Mexico. We had a flood here in Alvin, on the 18th of April, I am not sure how many homes were flooded but there sure are many piles of wet carpet out for the trash pickup. Thankfully all of my family stayed HIG and DRY unless you needed to go to the store then you had to dodge high water all that Saturday. It certainly has been a strange Spring this year, first there was NO RAIN and then in a week or so we got close to 12 inches. Many areas of Houston got all theirs in one night, so it is now Mosquito time. At least up until the past couple of days it has been cool, but now I guess humidity and heat is with us until at least the end of September, BUT, I wouldn't trade the Upper Texas Gulf Coast for any other place in the world.

Ok off to start an update on the Blossom's Blog talk to y'all later.