Saturday, November 1, 2008

It's November 1st and ADSD's After Dusk BLOG TRAIN is HERE

Another month and another gift from ADSDesigners. This time it is called After Dusk and 50+ designers have worked hard to give all a very nice kit. Here is my offering and the download link

After Dusk Collab preview by Lois


Remember we are not all in the same Time Zone, so the links may note be up at the same time. If you visit a Blog and their links are not up yet, just come back later. All links will be active for a full MONTH.

Now you need to visit the following blogs to pick up the different parts that are on the BLOG TRAIN.....

               3_2_113                                                  3_2_113

abyscraps by Sheila

Adele of Blind Sight Designs

Anne at Creative Dreams

Arvita's at Elam's Flights Of Fancy


Brooke at Ahhh Scrap

by God's design

Carolyn at Digi Cyber Scraps


Chiara at Creative Digital Scraps

Cindi @ vanjo designs

Cyndi, Wetfish Designs

Deanna at Flower Scraps

Deb AKA The ScrappinCop

Debbie at Digital Keepsakes

Diana at Sass n Scrap Designs

Erika {aka PinkuPixie}


HeatherStokes ~ HSDesigns

jeanniebs designs

Julia at BeaconScrap

Julie aka Bits 'N' Bobs

Kathy Goldstein at The Scrap Loft


Lady V dZine

Lei at Fairydustprincess-magicmaker

Linda's Dream Designs

YOU are HERE*****  Lois at ScrappinwithLadye *****

Lori at ScripityScrapDesigns

Lynn at Heavenly Crafts


Mags at MagsGraphics

Manda at Disaster In Designs

Marie at EmCee Scraps

melanie aka sweetasmel

Michelle @ Michelles-Angels

Michelle @ My Digital Fun Place

Missty @ Misstykal Designs

Monica at Random Inspirations

Nicole at Digi-Designs by Nicole



Scraping with Jen


Shabby Tagger

Shel at Shel Belle Scraps

Stacy at Kalo Designs

Sticky Kisses Scraps

Teri At Teris-Thing-O-My-Jigs


Wendi at Willow Grace Designs

WillowRaven at Purple Dragonfly Creations


Whew... Now I need a nap...LOL

BTW- All we ask in return for these goodies is a comment when you download. That is all the pay we need, a kind word or two goes a LONG way and it puts a smile on our faces....


Thursday, October 9, 2008

I am so SORRY..........

There are some days I really shouldn't be allowed to get on the computer and the day I posted the SAS CC kit was one of those. All day long I did things backwards and just plain wrong. Please forgive me and here is the correct link to these elements.

I promise to double check myself better in the future.


Sunday, October 5, 2008

Freebie and news

I'll start with the news, ok? Boo has her very own STORE it is called what else but BoolandDesigns. There are still a few bugs lurking around but as soon as she finds about one she makes sure to swat it in a hurry.

Wondering what this is all about? Well as we all know Boo loves to share goodies with us and for the Grand-Opening of the new store, she created a wonderful kit, Apple Orchard, as a Download a Day, and you can find it under Daily Downloads in teh new store.

I finally got a few minutes to make my entry into the SAS Oct color challenge. I even tried my hand at making a few elements.

You can download the ELEMENTS here

And here is where you get the PAPERS

I will return later with more pretties for all of you. There are at least a few more Color Challenges around I am sure....LOL

Take care and Remember no matter where you are, BE SAFE....


Monday, September 29, 2008

After Hurricane Ike and a Freebie

The storm as come and gone, but he left lots of hard work behind. My town, Alvin, Texas, looks like one of those SMART BOMBS went off, but instead of hurting people, it hurt the trees. We used to have huge old trees all over town, but now they are on their way to becoming mulch for our flower beds. better than what some other nearby communities are doing, they are burning the tree waste.

We were lucky only lost 3 trees, 1 at my Son's home and 2 at one of the rent houses. None of them did serious damage to the houses, so that is wonderful for us. A little later I'll try to share some of the photos I took of Alvin and the surrounding area. DIdn't take near as many as I usually would have taken, but just to be truthfull, I didn't have the patients to do it, nor the desire. I guess the stress of no power for 2 long weeks started soon after Ike passed past us.

Yesterday I thought I would try my hand at making a paper pack for the August SAS-Y Color Challenge and found out about half-way through, my computer had lost 1/2 of it's memory. So What should have taken an hour to do, took half a day but here it is, an after storm gift for you.


AUG SAS CC Papers by Lois preview

Tomorrow is the last day of the month and we are busy as beavers, trying to restock the 'fridge and get all the FEMA papers work filled out. Then on Wednesday there will be BIG REVEAL over at the Boo's Blossoms Blog and at BooLandDesigns blog so make sure you do not miss it. I promise you will love the surprise.

Well I am off to do whatever I can find to do to keep me from having to clean house....LOL


Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Couple of things

As most everyone knows Stone Accents Studio is having their 1st Birthday Party and it is a great one with lots of special things going on. First off there are lots of new challenges just for the birthday. Then there is the new designer's contest going with some really lovely kits being created with themes in mind.

Also there is a SAS-Y Member Mega Kit being created mainly by the members, not just the designers are playing with this one. Below is my offering and I thought I would go ahead and post it here so if anyone wanted it they could grab it here or better still you could go to the SAS Gallery and see what all has been created. I know that both BoolandDesigns and Lara's Digi World will be making goodies to add to the stash and probably several of Boo's Blossoms will be also.

SAS Member Megakit by Lois preview

Click HERE to download

Now on to some other things!

I am now on the Creative Team for Lara's Digi World she also sells at SAS and at MyScrapShop, so I would like to show you one of her kits and a layout I made using it. It is called 'Backyard Playground' and can be found at either store. A very cute Freebie can also be found in the stores

ldw_bp_ep_preview ldw_bp_pp_preview LDW_Backyard Playground_freebie_preview

Here is a layout I made using that kit and for the Journaling Challenge at ColorLineDesigns . I love to do challenges using the kits provided by the designers I work with gives them more layouts and more cyber advertising...LOL That cute, curly-haired kid is Mallory, my almost 2 year old grandson.

Just Simple Fun sm

Next time I HOPE to have more news on the big secret Boo has going on but if not I'll at least tell you about the other Creative teams I am on. IF I ever get it figured out how to add blinkies I will do that, because I am humbled that others think my work is good enough for them to use it to show off their kits.

That's all for now, have to go see if there is any new updates on where that nasty storm called IKE will be hitting the Texas Gulf Coast.


Wednesday, September 3, 2008

New Gift for you

I so much enjoyed making the papers for the Cornucopia of Colors I thought I might try it again for the SAS Sept Color Challenge hosted by none other than my Friend and Booslady Boo Silva of BoolandDesigns. It is just 12 papers done in the colors that Boo choose this month.

You can either click on the preview or HERE for the download.

I have a few other things I have made and will try to remember to offer them another day...LOL

It has been an interesting time for my family, we keep watching and waiting for the storms to arrive, but thankful they have missed us so far. Living halfway between Houston and Galveston has it's pluses for sure, but come Hurricane Season we all cringe. I know that sometime in the future it will be our time again, since the last one was in 1983 and was a cat3, which did lots of damage around where I live but I do not think it was as bad as some of the Tropical storms we have had since, damage wise that is. Since we are so flat the area tends to flood when we get a ton of rain, and usually it is either feast or famine with rain, so we keep the boots handy so IF we need to wade water at least our feet will be dry.LOL

Till next time,


Monday, September 1, 2008

Password removed

Well 4shared says the password is removed, but if it isn't the password for Cornucopia of Colors is adsd.

Have fun !!!


Sunday, August 31, 2008

ADSD Cornucopia of Color

Another month gone, but now you get another Wonderful gift from the Folks at ADSDesigners, in all those wonderful colors of Fall. 55 Aspiring Designers have all made parts for this Gift.

If you happen upon a Blog that doesn't have their links posted yet, be sure to check back since we are a World Wide group and live in many different time zones, some may be a little later getting their posts done. The links for this gift should be active for the entire month of September, so if for any reason you cannot get it all today, it will still be here.

Here is my part of the gift

Copy of CoC_by Lois_Preview

One of the ladies, Debbie, used my part to make some wonderful BragBook pages for you and you can find her at


BB pages by Debbie Preview


Amber LaBau
Andrea - MemoriesByScraps
Brooke & Joni
By God's Design
Carol R
Crazy Diamond
Kathy Goldstein
Lioness3 Legacies
Lori Imel
Lori J
Michelle Blagg
Nancy Schmidt
Scrappy Cat
Virginia Higgins

Please be sure to let us see what you make with our Gifts, since that is what this is all about, we make and you use it to make Pages of Memories.

Now I am off to check the weather AGAIN, to make sure that Hurricane Gustav hasn't changed directions and is coming our way, one of the challenges of living on the Upper Texas Gulf Coast, we get the pleasure of watching and waiting for Hurricanes. To anyone that happens to be in his path, I pray you and yours will all be safe.


Saturday, August 2, 2008

Have you heard of ARTSCOW.COM?

One day while searching, as I do everyday, for Free templates and other digi-scrapping thing, I saw an ad on one of the blogs for a new company called ArtsCow that makes photo books and photo prints (no 12x12s at this time but lots of other sizes). As a signup bonus you get 400 4x6 photo prints and another un-named gift from them. I thought why not give them a try, even if they are in China. Well I did and as very pleased with the book I ordered, quality, speed and even the price was very nice. Instead of the usual 8x8 book with 20 pages they offer a 30 page book and additional pages are very reasonable. Shipping was $11.99 but they have lowered that to $7.99 so it also compares with the other companies. SO I thought I would share the link with all of you.

I was very surprised at the speed with which I got my book, knowing how busy they are being new and having so many offers going on. I ordered the book on July 21 and got it on July 31, so coming from China that seemed really good service. I also ordered a few 4x6 prints to compare and those were also very bit as good as I can get locally or at other online stores. Next I think I'll try the 5x7s since I have lots of frames those will fit perfectly.

They have a Community Forum where you can see what people have had printed with them. That way you can see I am not just Whistling Dixie at you about the quality. Almost everyone is very pleased with their books, and most errors were made by the designer not the company. I know it was my fault some of the pages were too big for the page causing me to lose a little of the journaling, but I have done the same thing with the other company I used before.

Sure wish I had scanned my book and it's cover so you all could see it, but I didn't.

Ok enough advertising for now. Have a great weekend and if you are where it is HOT stay as cool as you can and if it is cold, I envy you totally...LOL


Friday, August 1, 2008


I messed up the link to Gloria ValVerde's blog so here is the the correct link for her very nice part to ZOO SPIRIT.

Gloria's Retreat


Thursday, July 31, 2008

ADSDesigners presents "THE ZOO SPIRIT" Blog Train

From the same group that gave you Backyard Playground and Popsicle Paradise (look around on the different blogs, I think there are still active links to those kits also), we return to offer you our latest collaboration kit, ZOO SPIRIT. Now I do not know about you but I see a theme running through our group thinking. SUMMER with all the neat things we see and do.

I am not a designer, rarely can I do much except make pages with the hard work done by others, and that is what I have done this time. I made 8 Brag Book pages and a QP using parts from this HUGE kit. Each page is identified with the designers name in the filename and as you can see also on the preview. Click here and here to download my parts of ZOO SPIRIT.

BBs by Lois ZooSpirit preview

KimsScrappin_Zoospirit_QP by Lois preview sm

Now do not leave too fast...... There are many more blogs you need to visit. I thought last month with 42 Designers offering parts of the Backyard Playground was huge, but this month the folks at ADSD have outdone themselves with 50, yes folks, 50 designers (if I counted correctly) making goodies for y'all. Be sure to take a minute or two to tell them ALL how much you appreciate their efforts either on their Blog or on 4shared. We certainly do thrive on the love we get from all of you.

Amanda Truitt
A Zone for Digiscraps
Brooke & Joni
Burkhart Scrapzone (Michaele)
Buzybee Designs (Penny Lewis)
By God's Design
City Scribe Scraps
Crafter's Boutique (Mardesia)
Creations By Rachael
Creative Digital Scraps by Chiara
Creative Dreams
Designs by Crazy Diamond
Designs by Lisa Minor
Erika (PinkuPixie)

Gone Scrappin' Designs
Heartprints Digital Designs
Kalo Designs
Kelly's Sanity Saver
Kim's Scrappin'
Lady V dZine
LBCreations: Designs by Babette

Lighthouse Designs by Beth
Lighthouse Scrapping and Harbor Designs
Lori Imel
Michelle Blagg Designs
Monica at Random Inspirations
Munchkin Scraps by Jody
Nadine: Scrappinmamma
Nancy Schmidt
Panda Bear Designs
Serina,s Designz
Scrappin with Doodle
Scrappin' with Jersey Girl
Scrappy Cats
Scraps by Shilo
ScripityScrap Designs
Share Joy
Stacey Crossley
Stellarific Creations
The Scrap Loft: Kathy Goldstein Designs
utski can scrap

Be sure to remember that not all of the Designers live in the same time-zone, so some will be posted earlier and some later in the day. If you find that someone hasn't made their post yet, just check back later, I am sure it will be there August 1st at their time.

Also many of us use 4Shared and at times it can be very slow to respond, so if something isn't working right that minute, come back to it a little later.

So for now, have fun traveling our ZOO SPIRIT circuit.

Lois AKA Ladye

Friday, July 25, 2008

Little Boys and the Outdoors

My Grandson, Mallory, loves to be outside, big problem there is he has to taste of everything he finds. Almost every photo I have of him he has something in his hand on the way to his mouth, or it is already there...LOL Also the mosquitoes, that we are so famous for, think he is the sweetest dessert in town, regardless of which repellent I use, so outside time is very limited. When he is outside I try to grab as many photos as possible to scrap.

Now that brings me to another reason for this post. As you know I have been trying to make Freebies using that great Backyard Playground by the designers at ADSD and today I have a QP for you all. I made a layout featuring Mallory and thought why not also make it a QP for you all.

Here is the layout and below that will be a preview of the QP and the link

With just a tiny bit of changing here is the QP.

Download HERE

Well now I am off to start on my next project, hope everyone has a wonderful day and a very safe weekend,


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

July and it is HOT plus a Freebie

Well the Mid-summer heat is with us, and of course down here on the Gulf Coast we have to worry about Hurricanes. Thankfully they are rare, but right now Hurricane Dolly is giving us a much needed cool day with a little rain thrown in. It is my hope that the folks that are in the 'Eye of Dolly' are not in any serious danger. I am sure the farmers in the Texas Valley are looking forward to the rain, but not the winds. There are so many areas in the state that have had little or no rain all year, that this will be a God Send for them.

In June I went to Portland Oregon to meet up with some long time friends, and did we ever have a great time. As usual I packed enough clothes for a month, but with the weather differences I had no idea what I would need. First day we needed a jacket, the next was very balmy, Saturday was downright HOT. Then on Sunday, one of the girls and I drove down to see the Coast, and no one thought to tell us it would be COLD down there and we almost froze our rears off, but it was well worth the cold and the long drive. I got some wonderful photos and had a blast playing catch-up with old friends, so hot or cold, it was well worth the money and time.

I was so bored yesterday, I had to find something to fill the day and I thought why not make a freebie. I belong to a group of Aspiring Designers (you can find out more about them HERE )and each month they put together a wonderful collab kit. Let me tell you it is HUGE and though there is always a theme, the kit is very diverse. July's kit was called Backyard Playground and it has so many elements and papers you could scrap the whole summer just using that kit. Anyway, before I get too carried away talking about the kit, let me say I used items from that kit to make 6 Bragbook Pages and that is my freebie for today. There are lots of beautiful BB pages out there but most are a little too 'girly' for those rough and tumble Boys in our lives, so that is the direction I took. Here is the preview you can either click on the preview or there is a download link below.

Download HERE

Hopefully some of you can use these, I know I'll be adding photos to them soon of that little Rascal in our family, Mallory.

As August nears the girls at ADSD are working on a new kit, with a Zoo theme and come August 1st, there will be another Blog train to get all the parts to it. There will be a list on the different blogs of the Designers that have goodies for everyone and it will be posted early on the August 1, so be sure to check for it. I have seen some of the previews and again I am totally blown away by all the great things these ladies are creating for the Digi-Scrapping community.

Well it is time for another cup of coffee, so I think I'll say Bye for now,


Saturday, June 7, 2008

Boo's Looking for a helper

Oh my gosh, I keep forgetting I have a blog...LOL I spend so much time looking at other blogs and working on the Boo's Blossoms Blog I forget mine. Today I will show off some of the things I have been working on after I show you what is going on in Boo's World. Boo has been so busy, joined a couple of new stores DOS and She is so busy and keeping us that way also, that she needs some help, in the form of a person to post her ads.

With Boo joining the new stores, of course she has to make new kits, and she certainly has been busy. Here are a couple she has at DSO Faded Bouquet
And this one Boo'Licious
Here are the layouts I made using these kits. First will be from Faded Bouquet

Brianna Lynn
Brianna at 7 months. This is the cover for Brianna's Shutterfly book. Created as CT for BoolandDesigns and as cover for Brianna's book.
BoolandDesigns, Faded Bouquet, CBrady Template #4, FifthAvenueSalonNF and

All Grown Up
Our Grand daughter is growing up, way too fast for me for sure...LOL
BoolandDesigns, Faded Bouquet, jennilyn_cheaterschallenge19, Mia's Scribblings ~, Eye Candy Impact Glass and Bevel

My Son
My son and his 2 darling kids, he is one of the Richest Men
alive, because of their love. Created as CT for BoolandDesigns
and for the Quote Challenge at DSO.
BoolandDesigns, Boo'Licious, KimB Bday T2, Zirkon

Credits: Daddy's Girl
Family Friend and his baby daughter, one of those wonderful, Daughter/Father
relationships. Created as CT for BoolandDesigns.
BoolandDesigns, Boo'Licious, Template by FotosbyLisaJo, HeraldSquare and MaryHelenJF, Eye Candy Impact Bevel and Glass

Not much going on here, it is hot and dry and my poor yard shows it already. Last year we had so much rain, and now this year very tiny sprinklings, oh well that is why most of my plants will make it either way. Off to she what all I can find to get into today, probably nothing except maybe a late lunch out and a walk through at Wally World, I lead such an exciting life.....NOT


Friday, May 2, 2008

Happy National Scrapbooking Day!

Ok I am a little early US time, but needed to get this posted before I go over to Boo's Blossoms Blog. I can tell you there will some very nice goodies for you there. You may have to visit other blogs to get them but it will be well worth your time.

Your gift from me is 2 Alphas made using papers from Boo's Music man kit and it is on sale this weekend at Stone Accents Studio for 35% off, actually all her things are on sale for 35% off for Saturday and Sunday, May 3 and 4.

You can find it HERE

Download link for the Alphas HERE

This is a layout I made using the kit. It works so well with the colors the family was wearing that day. Even Boo hasn't seen it yet...LOL

Well gotta close for now and rush over to get all the goodies up on the Boo's Blossoms Blog I can tell you it will be a LONG post there.

Have a great time rushing all over looking for the NSD goodies, I know you will find some really nice things.


Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Cannot beleive it is already April

This month is going to be busy I can tell. The 19th is Brianna's Birthday and she will be 13, seems like only yesterday she was 3. She stay very busy and of course that means we stay busy, going to her sporting events and playing taxi driver.. I thought when your kids got grown, you were through with all those fun things, but I guess I was wrong.

Things are humming over at the Boo's Blossoms Blog . Our first competition starts today, PLUS BooLandDesigns has created some wonderful new kits. She even created one for each of the 15 Creative Team Members, using our favorite colors. She has several new kits and since I haven't gotten them yet, I cannot even show you the previews but will get thos doen soon.

I also am on the Creative Team for Tina Williams Designs, and she has a beautiful new kit in her Faith Based Series and it is GRACE. It is the 14th kit in that series. You can find the entire series here at her Store .

Most of the heritage pages I have done have been with Tina's kits, I find them to work wonderfully with the photos I wanted to scrap. I actually just finished 2 double page LOs and one single page with this kit. I had scanned a group of old pictures and in it was some of my BirthMother, also named Lois. The following pages are about her;

I never really had a chance to know Lois, though I am named for her. We lived in different
parts of Texas, and I only saw her once every few years. Created as CT for Tina Williams

CREDITS::Tina Williams, Faith Based Series-Grace, andreagold_dtemplate10sq_a, the King & Queen and Kayleigh

I have been told my Birth Mother had a wacky sense of humor and these old photos really show it. Both were taken in the 50's.Created as CT for Tina Williams and Templates-n-More, TrishH Designs.

CREDITS:: Tina Williams, Faith Based Series-Grace, THD_T11, Templates-n-More,
TrishH Designs, Jokerman LET and Scrap Cursive

In that same dayof scanning, I found these great pictures of my Niece Kelli, taken at my Dad's house in Cleveland Texas, way back in 1979.

Kelli is the oldest child of my brother Bubba and Sheila. Created as CT
for Tina Williams.

CREDITS:: Tina Williams-Faith Based Series_Grace, dunia-doublepagetemplate-01side A, HighlanderSwashITCTT and Cathie's Hand

Well enough for now, I have a ton of things that need to be done, so till next time...BYE BYE


Sunday, March 30, 2008

I have been sooooooo Busy!

We are having a little competition over at Boo's Blossoms Blog and have some very nice gifts for those that enter. It starts on April 1st and you can get all the details from the blog.

I know that you will enjoy playing with us. So I have been busy helping get it all set up for you all and the requirements will be posted on the Boo's Blossoms Blog late Mondy evening or early Tuesday Morning.

The other reason I have been busy is, I helped with a wedding. My oldest son performs wedding ceremonies for friends and family, and today he had one to do. Well since it was late in the afternoon and his wife had to go to work, that left MaMaw with the 'watching the BOY' duties...LOL Not that I mind that at all, but would have liked to have had less watching and more photographing, but that is the way it is when you have a 16 month old exploreer in the family. He is one of those children that has to taste everything from rocks he finds, to the cat if it will be still long enough, so you have to watch him every second. I need to make a recording that says "NOT IN YOUR MOUTH" and just play it over and over, since that is what I have to say all the time. I didn't even get any photos of the baby just the Wedding party and I'll share them after I get them all downloaded and such.

I have done some scrapping though, challenges and pages for the wonderful folks I CT for, but no designing at all, just not enough hours in the day. I have taken a little time out to take a few pictures of the local flowers and now that my Wisteria is loaded with blooms, I have to remember tomorrow is it isn't raining to snap a few of it and the other flowers that have blessed with with a feeling of Spring. Oh that along with all the Birds in the yard, racing to find things to add to their nests, makes one know SPRING has SPRUNG on the Upper Texas Gulf Coast.

Be sure to check Boo's Blossoms blog to find out all the details of the 'Spring Passion' Competition on April 1st.

Till next time, be safe and enjoy life!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

OH!! OH!! What a beatiful New Kit from BOO!!!!

This morning we got the first real look at Boo's New kit, Spring Passion and boy it is WONDERFUL. Has both of my fav colors Teal and Mauve (well maybe not a true Mauve but really close). Of course Boo has something extra for those of you that played the 'Name the Kit' game, but didn't get chosen. So IF you run right over to her BLOG or later today to the Blossoms Blog you will find a wonderful sampler, to give you a taste for more.

We are planning on another challenge soon using this sampler, I think, or a new one if Boo thinks we need it, but details are still coming in but you will need to check Boos Blossoms Blog . I do know there is going to be change in who you submit the layouts to, and who will be sending out the participation gifts, helps keep down the confusion a little.

Want a sneak peek at the new kit that will be at Stone Accents Studio really soon, like probably later today? I do know it is going to be on SALE for a few days when it gets there.

Blogger has decided it doesn't like me right now so I am outta here...LOL


Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Hump Day and Beautiful Weather

Finally 2 pretty days in a row, YEA!!!!! OK, it is a little cooler than I like but still the sky is blue and the wind isn't blowing, so it is wonderful.

Our Boo has created another beautiful kit, and it is called 'Everything You Are' and can be found at SAS, CLD and at DID. It is full of beautiful papers and some very pretty elements. I loved the shades of gray she used and the brighter pinks.

Of course I had to make a few layouts to see what it would do. The first one 'Our Brianna' is made using only papers (and a very nice Template from Colie's Corner and Eye Candy 4000 Glass)

This one 'Wedding Day' I did just the opposite, 1 paper and LOTS of pretties to make the LO shine. The photo was 'borrowed' from the web since I didn't have one scanned of an old wedding. A little side note, the Bride wore Black, since in that timeframe, it was only the wealthy that could afford to have a white dress. You only made things you could use again, and white wasn't very useful as a day to day dress.

Well I am off to do the dreaded laundry, since it is white stuff I sure hope the water stays clear. Way too often it gets rusty before the load is finished and I then have to try to get out the stains. YUK


Friday, February 22, 2008

Why do people Pirate?????

I have been making the rounds of some of my FAV blogs, Bunny Cates, KimB, Val Ostrom and a few others, and all I keep seeing is just how much hurt people pack on to others. I cannot believe that people do the following

1) Complain about the freebies, ok so it might not be perfect but the price was, FREE. Most of us enjoy the freebies and really want them so stop being so negative.

2) Steal from the designers. The designers do this for 2 reasons, extra money and for the love of creating, so why take either of those things away form them. Would you go into Wal-Mart and steal things? Well you are doing the same thing when you download something that someone else has put out there, someone that is NOT the designer.

3) Upload things from stores so anyone can download them, of course they must think since I paid for it I can do whatever I want with it. These kits are NOT like used cars you cannot re-sell them or give them away. Read the TOUS!!!!!

4) Talk S**T in the comments section and then not leave their names, only cowards do that. Don't tell me you cannot leave a name, get a gmail account and you will have a name. Google allows that and I have not seen any blog that accepts comments that doesn't allow you to put your name in the comment section, so be a stand up person and LEAVE YOUR NAME!

What is wrong with people? For the most part everyone is nice but the few 'rotten apples' sure are making it hard on those that really need the freebies, folks on fixed incomes do really need them, so why are there those that want to take away their source of supplies? I got started scapping using freebies from people like Kristine, Kimb, Bunny, Pillowgirl, BooLandDesigns, TinaWilliamsDesigns and from the different shops. That is how many of us got our first supplies for this wonderful passtime, and I still support those ladies in their hosted challenges, buying their kits etc.

Ok I am off to do some running, so will try to post a more postive note later tonight.


Monday, February 18, 2008

I've been Scraplifted!!!! YEA!!!!!

Over at Boo's Blossoms blog, along with a fantastic free scrapping kit, we have a contest of a sort going on, if you scraplift one of the layouts done by the Blossoms you could receive something nice from Boo and her Blossoms.

WELLLLL I was scraplifted and I wanted to share these beautiful layouts with all of you. KrisG created this one, using my lo called Buchart Gardens

And DotComma did this one in likeness to my layout called SPRING

I must say both ladies did an outstanding job, both using the wonderful freebie kit Boo provided and my layouts. I am so happy to be able to share their work with you.

Speaking of Boo, well, I know the 100 Days of Goodies is still going hot and heavy on her blog. So you all need to run over there to see what nice things she has for you today. BooLandDesigns is such a wonderful place to visit, I really love the song she has playing (and for me to say I like the music on a blog is really something). It makes you want to grab a cup of coffee, tea or whatever and stay awhile.

Not too much going on here in my corner of the world, just making a few layouts for a few challenges and some to highlight the work of the fine designers I CT for. Tina Williams has a wonderful series going right now, it is called FaithBased and has great items for all those heritage pages you have been wanting to do. There are 12 kits in the series, with no end in sight.

Boo has some new kits in the works and I have seen one of them and let me tell you all, you are going to love it, plus there should be more of the Birthstone kits out pretty soon, so be sure to check her stores often to see what she has new. She sells at StoneAccentsStudio , DoITDigi and at ColorLineDesigns .

Ok enough for tonight, tomorrow if I get around to it, I'll show you the LOs I did for the challenges at DesignerDigitals, and yes they all have things in them from my Creative Team leaders, pretty things too...LOL


Monday, February 11, 2008

Couple of things today and a freebie

My Friend Boo has a wonderful new kit in the store at Stone Accent Designs . It is dedicated to her Grandad and to honor what would have been his 100th birthday today. The name of the kit is GRANDAD. Nice purples and blues, with lots of very unusual papers. Oh and if you run over to her Blog you will find a very nice surprise. Boo is giving a gift a day for 100 days and that is not somethingyou find everyday.

She will also be giving this wonderful sampler, the links were not up earlier today but they are COMING soon!

As one of the Bloosoms, I had the chance to play with the kit and to make a couple of layouts using it. Thought I would show you what I did with the kit.

BooLandDesigns_Grandad, Template1 bei Pixelninechen, Artists Script, Eye Candy 4000_Glass

Credits:BooLandDesigns_Grandad, THD_T60, DrumagStudioNF, Eye Candy 4000_Glass

I also broke down and did another Color Challenge kit. Papers are so easy to make for me, but man those elements really are hard. I really do not know what people want, so I just guess and hopefully I am right some of the time...LOL I put in some swirly things, maybe you all can use them.

Papers and Elements

Well that is all from me today, I do have some more layouts to show off but will save them for another day. I am about scrapped out for the day already.