Monday, September 29, 2008

After Hurricane Ike and a Freebie

The storm as come and gone, but he left lots of hard work behind. My town, Alvin, Texas, looks like one of those SMART BOMBS went off, but instead of hurting people, it hurt the trees. We used to have huge old trees all over town, but now they are on their way to becoming mulch for our flower beds. better than what some other nearby communities are doing, they are burning the tree waste.

We were lucky only lost 3 trees, 1 at my Son's home and 2 at one of the rent houses. None of them did serious damage to the houses, so that is wonderful for us. A little later I'll try to share some of the photos I took of Alvin and the surrounding area. DIdn't take near as many as I usually would have taken, but just to be truthfull, I didn't have the patients to do it, nor the desire. I guess the stress of no power for 2 long weeks started soon after Ike passed past us.

Yesterday I thought I would try my hand at making a paper pack for the August SAS-Y Color Challenge and found out about half-way through, my computer had lost 1/2 of it's memory. So What should have taken an hour to do, took half a day but here it is, an after storm gift for you.


AUG SAS CC Papers by Lois preview

Tomorrow is the last day of the month and we are busy as beavers, trying to restock the 'fridge and get all the FEMA papers work filled out. Then on Wednesday there will be BIG REVEAL over at the Boo's Blossoms Blog and at BooLandDesigns blog so make sure you do not miss it. I promise you will love the surprise.

Well I am off to do whatever I can find to do to keep me from having to clean house....LOL


Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Couple of things

As most everyone knows Stone Accents Studio is having their 1st Birthday Party and it is a great one with lots of special things going on. First off there are lots of new challenges just for the birthday. Then there is the new designer's contest going with some really lovely kits being created with themes in mind.

Also there is a SAS-Y Member Mega Kit being created mainly by the members, not just the designers are playing with this one. Below is my offering and I thought I would go ahead and post it here so if anyone wanted it they could grab it here or better still you could go to the SAS Gallery and see what all has been created. I know that both BoolandDesigns and Lara's Digi World will be making goodies to add to the stash and probably several of Boo's Blossoms will be also.

SAS Member Megakit by Lois preview

Click HERE to download

Now on to some other things!

I am now on the Creative Team for Lara's Digi World she also sells at SAS and at MyScrapShop, so I would like to show you one of her kits and a layout I made using it. It is called 'Backyard Playground' and can be found at either store. A very cute Freebie can also be found in the stores

ldw_bp_ep_preview ldw_bp_pp_preview LDW_Backyard Playground_freebie_preview

Here is a layout I made using that kit and for the Journaling Challenge at ColorLineDesigns . I love to do challenges using the kits provided by the designers I work with gives them more layouts and more cyber advertising...LOL That cute, curly-haired kid is Mallory, my almost 2 year old grandson.

Just Simple Fun sm

Next time I HOPE to have more news on the big secret Boo has going on but if not I'll at least tell you about the other Creative teams I am on. IF I ever get it figured out how to add blinkies I will do that, because I am humbled that others think my work is good enough for them to use it to show off their kits.

That's all for now, have to go see if there is any new updates on where that nasty storm called IKE will be hitting the Texas Gulf Coast.


Wednesday, September 3, 2008

New Gift for you

I so much enjoyed making the papers for the Cornucopia of Colors I thought I might try it again for the SAS Sept Color Challenge hosted by none other than my Friend and Booslady Boo Silva of BoolandDesigns. It is just 12 papers done in the colors that Boo choose this month.

You can either click on the preview or HERE for the download.

I have a few other things I have made and will try to remember to offer them another day...LOL

It has been an interesting time for my family, we keep watching and waiting for the storms to arrive, but thankful they have missed us so far. Living halfway between Houston and Galveston has it's pluses for sure, but come Hurricane Season we all cringe. I know that sometime in the future it will be our time again, since the last one was in 1983 and was a cat3, which did lots of damage around where I live but I do not think it was as bad as some of the Tropical storms we have had since, damage wise that is. Since we are so flat the area tends to flood when we get a ton of rain, and usually it is either feast or famine with rain, so we keep the boots handy so IF we need to wade water at least our feet will be dry.LOL

Till next time,


Monday, September 1, 2008

Password removed

Well 4shared says the password is removed, but if it isn't the password for Cornucopia of Colors is adsd.

Have fun !!!