Thursday, December 13, 2007

Oh what a past few days!

First I get chosen as a CT for BooLand Designs and for TemplatesnMore, and before I can even get my feet wet and learn the ropes for each of these nice ladies, I have to go AWOL from scrapping. Early last Saturday morning, I got a phone call from my Niece, telling me that my Step-Mother had passed away.

Though we had expected it, never can you be ready for it. She was only 69, which in only 7 years older than me. We raised our kids together, her two youngest and my oldest were only 1 year apart, so it was almost like having triplettes. What one didn't think of the other two would. So our relationship wasn't Mother and Daughter, more like sisters or girlfriends. So losing her was the last of the 'older' generation in my life and has been very hard.

Hopefully I'll get some new layouts made and will be posting them here for the world to see...LOL

Trish from Templates and More, really makes some beautiful templates and Boo from BooLand Designs has designed some really pretty kits (I'll be putting in links as soon as I get that figured out). Oh and I would love to show off my CT blinkies, but haven't gotten that figured out either, I have to stop blaming being old on why it is hard for me and just learn to do it....

Well enough for tonight, see you all soon,


Tuesday, December 4, 2007

November finishes with a BANG!

What a way for month to finish!

Hubby had a heart attack, but with a new stent he is doing wonderful, feeling great. Doctor said he had very little damage to his heart and that is WONDERFUL! Wasn't given very many restrictions, but we are monitoring his vitals and blood sugar, just to be on the safe side.

Had to put our 16 year old cat to sleep, due to her failing health, and boy was that horrible. Would love to get a new kitten, but with other cat being so skittish and the dog wanting to chase cats, I just do not think it would work. Oh and the BOY would probably terrify the kitten, since he is at the wrong age to know how to be gentle with much of anything.

I have some new layouts completed and as soon as I have them online, I'll try to figure out how to get them posted here also. Having a blast doing my CT duties over at DXD, have really had some great kits to work with. I need to pick a new kit to work on at SSD but I hear that the December Mega kit is due out soon, so want to make sure I have plenty of time to create using it. I have been busy working on the challenges at DSO, if you haven't checked them out you really need to, there are some really interesting ones this month. I even created a small kit for the Color Challenge.

Created using commerical items from MooTwo, Forget-Me-Not, The Ephemeral Victorian, KimB. Program used PSP9

Here is the download link, and remember to not share the link, and PLEASE leave some kind words since I am a total newbie at this.

Oh, I got word today that I have been selected as one of the new CTs for BooLand Designs. Haven't gotten a kit there yet, but look forward to using her designs.

Well it is time for that second cup of coffee, so heres hoping your day is just plain old wonderful and that you have gotten the Holiday Spirit Bug and not the flu bug.


Monday, November 12, 2007

Blue Monday....NOT really

Last week was very busy, the Grandson turned 1 on Wednesday and we had his party here on Saturday. Of course we got some really cute pictures of him and I even made a short video.

Been busy making LOs for SSD and DXD, need to pick a new kit from Tina William's Designs so I can work some more on my Family Heritage Album. I have used her kits for the rest of the album so think I'll stick with that. I have certainly enjoyed being a CT for her, such nice kits, but the designers at SSD and DXD have some nice things also.

As soon as I get this Blog thing all figured out I'll start posting my CT LOs here also, but you know how it is for us 'oldies but goodies' learning new things is sometimes a little slowwwww.

As I surf around looking/reading blogs I run across some interesting things. Today it was on Kritine's Blog that really made me upset. She had been nice to someone and got the gift thrown back in her face along with some insults. It has really done my heart good to see so many folks taking a stand for Kristine, Dork-Dancer, that she is. She is so much fun and shares so much with the Scrapping Community, it really hurt to see her so hurt and upset.

Back in the olden days, people were taught manners, both at home and at school, and if you didn't like what you were given you still said thank you, and took it with grace. Man, have things really changed that much? I know we have all gotten gifts we didn't like but I'll bet the majority of people take them and say thank you, not get rude and toss them back into the givers face.

Oh well better get off the soapbox. Not going to say it is not my problem, because it is all of our problem. If people are rude to the designers, the quality freebies will dry up and many of our community are on very limited budgets and need the freebies, so just be nice and say thank you.

Off to beddie by soon, so remeber if you download, take the second it takes to say THANK YOU!