Thursday, December 13, 2007

Oh what a past few days!

First I get chosen as a CT for BooLand Designs and for TemplatesnMore, and before I can even get my feet wet and learn the ropes for each of these nice ladies, I have to go AWOL from scrapping. Early last Saturday morning, I got a phone call from my Niece, telling me that my Step-Mother had passed away.

Though we had expected it, never can you be ready for it. She was only 69, which in only 7 years older than me. We raised our kids together, her two youngest and my oldest were only 1 year apart, so it was almost like having triplettes. What one didn't think of the other two would. So our relationship wasn't Mother and Daughter, more like sisters or girlfriends. So losing her was the last of the 'older' generation in my life and has been very hard.

Hopefully I'll get some new layouts made and will be posting them here for the world to see...LOL

Trish from Templates and More, really makes some beautiful templates and Boo from BooLand Designs has designed some really pretty kits (I'll be putting in links as soon as I get that figured out). Oh and I would love to show off my CT blinkies, but haven't gotten that figured out either, I have to stop blaming being old on why it is hard for me and just learn to do it....

Well enough for tonight, see you all soon,