Thursday, July 31, 2008

ADSDesigners presents "THE ZOO SPIRIT" Blog Train

From the same group that gave you Backyard Playground and Popsicle Paradise (look around on the different blogs, I think there are still active links to those kits also), we return to offer you our latest collaboration kit, ZOO SPIRIT. Now I do not know about you but I see a theme running through our group thinking. SUMMER with all the neat things we see and do.

I am not a designer, rarely can I do much except make pages with the hard work done by others, and that is what I have done this time. I made 8 Brag Book pages and a QP using parts from this HUGE kit. Each page is identified with the designers name in the filename and as you can see also on the preview. Click here and here to download my parts of ZOO SPIRIT.

BBs by Lois ZooSpirit preview

KimsScrappin_Zoospirit_QP by Lois preview sm

Now do not leave too fast...... There are many more blogs you need to visit. I thought last month with 42 Designers offering parts of the Backyard Playground was huge, but this month the folks at ADSD have outdone themselves with 50, yes folks, 50 designers (if I counted correctly) making goodies for y'all. Be sure to take a minute or two to tell them ALL how much you appreciate their efforts either on their Blog or on 4shared. We certainly do thrive on the love we get from all of you.

Amanda Truitt
A Zone for Digiscraps
Brooke & Joni
Burkhart Scrapzone (Michaele)
Buzybee Designs (Penny Lewis)
By God's Design
City Scribe Scraps
Crafter's Boutique (Mardesia)
Creations By Rachael
Creative Digital Scraps by Chiara
Creative Dreams
Designs by Crazy Diamond
Designs by Lisa Minor
Erika (PinkuPixie)

Gone Scrappin' Designs
Heartprints Digital Designs
Kalo Designs
Kelly's Sanity Saver
Kim's Scrappin'
Lady V dZine
LBCreations: Designs by Babette

Lighthouse Designs by Beth
Lighthouse Scrapping and Harbor Designs
Lori Imel
Michelle Blagg Designs
Monica at Random Inspirations
Munchkin Scraps by Jody
Nadine: Scrappinmamma
Nancy Schmidt
Panda Bear Designs
Serina,s Designz
Scrappin with Doodle
Scrappin' with Jersey Girl
Scrappy Cats
Scraps by Shilo
ScripityScrap Designs
Share Joy
Stacey Crossley
Stellarific Creations
The Scrap Loft: Kathy Goldstein Designs
utski can scrap

Be sure to remember that not all of the Designers live in the same time-zone, so some will be posted earlier and some later in the day. If you find that someone hasn't made their post yet, just check back later, I am sure it will be there August 1st at their time.

Also many of us use 4Shared and at times it can be very slow to respond, so if something isn't working right that minute, come back to it a little later.

So for now, have fun traveling our ZOO SPIRIT circuit.

Lois AKA Ladye

Friday, July 25, 2008

Little Boys and the Outdoors

My Grandson, Mallory, loves to be outside, big problem there is he has to taste of everything he finds. Almost every photo I have of him he has something in his hand on the way to his mouth, or it is already there...LOL Also the mosquitoes, that we are so famous for, think he is the sweetest dessert in town, regardless of which repellent I use, so outside time is very limited. When he is outside I try to grab as many photos as possible to scrap.

Now that brings me to another reason for this post. As you know I have been trying to make Freebies using that great Backyard Playground by the designers at ADSD and today I have a QP for you all. I made a layout featuring Mallory and thought why not also make it a QP for you all.

Here is the layout and below that will be a preview of the QP and the link

With just a tiny bit of changing here is the QP.

Download HERE

Well now I am off to start on my next project, hope everyone has a wonderful day and a very safe weekend,


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

July and it is HOT plus a Freebie

Well the Mid-summer heat is with us, and of course down here on the Gulf Coast we have to worry about Hurricanes. Thankfully they are rare, but right now Hurricane Dolly is giving us a much needed cool day with a little rain thrown in. It is my hope that the folks that are in the 'Eye of Dolly' are not in any serious danger. I am sure the farmers in the Texas Valley are looking forward to the rain, but not the winds. There are so many areas in the state that have had little or no rain all year, that this will be a God Send for them.

In June I went to Portland Oregon to meet up with some long time friends, and did we ever have a great time. As usual I packed enough clothes for a month, but with the weather differences I had no idea what I would need. First day we needed a jacket, the next was very balmy, Saturday was downright HOT. Then on Sunday, one of the girls and I drove down to see the Coast, and no one thought to tell us it would be COLD down there and we almost froze our rears off, but it was well worth the cold and the long drive. I got some wonderful photos and had a blast playing catch-up with old friends, so hot or cold, it was well worth the money and time.

I was so bored yesterday, I had to find something to fill the day and I thought why not make a freebie. I belong to a group of Aspiring Designers (you can find out more about them HERE )and each month they put together a wonderful collab kit. Let me tell you it is HUGE and though there is always a theme, the kit is very diverse. July's kit was called Backyard Playground and it has so many elements and papers you could scrap the whole summer just using that kit. Anyway, before I get too carried away talking about the kit, let me say I used items from that kit to make 6 Bragbook Pages and that is my freebie for today. There are lots of beautiful BB pages out there but most are a little too 'girly' for those rough and tumble Boys in our lives, so that is the direction I took. Here is the preview you can either click on the preview or there is a download link below.

Download HERE

Hopefully some of you can use these, I know I'll be adding photos to them soon of that little Rascal in our family, Mallory.

As August nears the girls at ADSD are working on a new kit, with a Zoo theme and come August 1st, there will be another Blog train to get all the parts to it. There will be a list on the different blogs of the Designers that have goodies for everyone and it will be posted early on the August 1, so be sure to check for it. I have seen some of the previews and again I am totally blown away by all the great things these ladies are creating for the Digi-Scrapping community.

Well it is time for another cup of coffee, so I think I'll say Bye for now,