Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Hump Day and Beautiful Weather

Finally 2 pretty days in a row, YEA!!!!! OK, it is a little cooler than I like but still the sky is blue and the wind isn't blowing, so it is wonderful.

Our Boo has created another beautiful kit, and it is called 'Everything You Are' and can be found at SAS, CLD and at DID. It is full of beautiful papers and some very pretty elements. I loved the shades of gray she used and the brighter pinks.

Of course I had to make a few layouts to see what it would do. The first one 'Our Brianna' is made using only papers (and a very nice Template from Colie's Corner and Eye Candy 4000 Glass)

This one 'Wedding Day' I did just the opposite, 1 paper and LOTS of pretties to make the LO shine. The photo was 'borrowed' from the web since I didn't have one scanned of an old wedding. A little side note, the Bride wore Black, since in that timeframe, it was only the wealthy that could afford to have a white dress. You only made things you could use again, and white wasn't very useful as a day to day dress.

Well I am off to do the dreaded laundry, since it is white stuff I sure hope the water stays clear. Way too often it gets rusty before the load is finished and I then have to try to get out the stains. YUK


Friday, February 22, 2008

Why do people Pirate?????

I have been making the rounds of some of my FAV blogs, Bunny Cates, KimB, Val Ostrom and a few others, and all I keep seeing is just how much hurt people pack on to others. I cannot believe that people do the following

1) Complain about the freebies, ok so it might not be perfect but the price was, FREE. Most of us enjoy the freebies and really want them so stop being so negative.

2) Steal from the designers. The designers do this for 2 reasons, extra money and for the love of creating, so why take either of those things away form them. Would you go into Wal-Mart and steal things? Well you are doing the same thing when you download something that someone else has put out there, someone that is NOT the designer.

3) Upload things from stores so anyone can download them, of course they must think since I paid for it I can do whatever I want with it. These kits are NOT like used cars you cannot re-sell them or give them away. Read the TOUS!!!!!

4) Talk S**T in the comments section and then not leave their names, only cowards do that. Don't tell me you cannot leave a name, get a gmail account and you will have a name. Google allows that and I have not seen any blog that accepts comments that doesn't allow you to put your name in the comment section, so be a stand up person and LEAVE YOUR NAME!

What is wrong with people? For the most part everyone is nice but the few 'rotten apples' sure are making it hard on those that really need the freebies, folks on fixed incomes do really need them, so why are there those that want to take away their source of supplies? I got started scapping using freebies from people like Kristine, Kimb, Bunny, Pillowgirl, BooLandDesigns, TinaWilliamsDesigns and from the different shops. That is how many of us got our first supplies for this wonderful passtime, and I still support those ladies in their hosted challenges, buying their kits etc.

Ok I am off to do some running, so will try to post a more postive note later tonight.


Monday, February 18, 2008

I've been Scraplifted!!!! YEA!!!!!

Over at Boo's Blossoms blog, along with a fantastic free scrapping kit, we have a contest of a sort going on, if you scraplift one of the layouts done by the Blossoms you could receive something nice from Boo and her Blossoms.

WELLLLL I was scraplifted and I wanted to share these beautiful layouts with all of you. KrisG created this one, using my lo called Buchart Gardens

And DotComma did this one in likeness to my layout called SPRING

I must say both ladies did an outstanding job, both using the wonderful freebie kit Boo provided and my layouts. I am so happy to be able to share their work with you.

Speaking of Boo, well, I know the 100 Days of Goodies is still going hot and heavy on her blog. So you all need to run over there to see what nice things she has for you today. BooLandDesigns is such a wonderful place to visit, I really love the song she has playing (and for me to say I like the music on a blog is really something). It makes you want to grab a cup of coffee, tea or whatever and stay awhile.

Not too much going on here in my corner of the world, just making a few layouts for a few challenges and some to highlight the work of the fine designers I CT for. Tina Williams has a wonderful series going right now, it is called FaithBased and has great items for all those heritage pages you have been wanting to do. There are 12 kits in the series, with no end in sight.

Boo has some new kits in the works and I have seen one of them and let me tell you all, you are going to love it, plus there should be more of the Birthstone kits out pretty soon, so be sure to check her stores often to see what she has new. She sells at StoneAccentsStudio , DoITDigi and at ColorLineDesigns .

Ok enough for tonight, tomorrow if I get around to it, I'll show you the LOs I did for the challenges at DesignerDigitals, and yes they all have things in them from my Creative Team leaders, pretty things too...LOL


Monday, February 11, 2008

Couple of things today and a freebie

My Friend Boo has a wonderful new kit in the store at Stone Accent Designs . It is dedicated to her Grandad and to honor what would have been his 100th birthday today. The name of the kit is GRANDAD. Nice purples and blues, with lots of very unusual papers. Oh and if you run over to her Blog you will find a very nice surprise. Boo is giving a gift a day for 100 days and that is not somethingyou find everyday.

She will also be giving this wonderful sampler, the links were not up earlier today but they are COMING soon!

As one of the Bloosoms, I had the chance to play with the kit and to make a couple of layouts using it. Thought I would show you what I did with the kit.

BooLandDesigns_Grandad, Template1 bei Pixelninechen, Artists Script, Eye Candy 4000_Glass

Credits:BooLandDesigns_Grandad, THD_T60, DrumagStudioNF, Eye Candy 4000_Glass

I also broke down and did another Color Challenge kit. Papers are so easy to make for me, but man those elements really are hard. I really do not know what people want, so I just guess and hopefully I am right some of the time...LOL I put in some swirly things, maybe you all can use them.

Papers and Elements

Well that is all from me today, I do have some more layouts to show off but will save them for another day. I am about scrapped out for the day already.


Thursday, February 7, 2008

Lookie what my Friend made

Amy AKA FamilyHistoryScrapper, one of my Fellow Boo's Blossoms used my Color Line Designs color challenge kit for a very pretty layout. I just loved how she turned one of the papers into frames for her photos and that cluster is beautiful. She made the LO for another of the challenges there, so we both won on that one...LOL

Thanks Amy for sharing!!!!

Short post tonight, got things on my mind and cannot seem to get into either blogging or scrapping, so I guess it is off to read a book.


Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Middle of the week already and a freebie

Man, this week is whizzing by. Hubby had to go to his heart DR yesterday for a stress test, but the news was WONDERFUL, no new heart damage from the heart attack he had in late November. Then the kids came for dinner last night, that is always fun.

I have been working on some bragbook pages for Brianna of her friends, using pictures she has taken at school. Now I usually scrap at 12x12 so making myself work with 6X4 has been a trip for me. I think she will like the kits I have chosen to use and I will post some of them as I get them finished. I will even share a few of them in .png format since I will be using my own freebie kits. That sure sounds odd, my own kits...LOL

Mentioning freebies I have another kit for you today. This one I did for KimB's Color challenge at DSO. After I had the preview made I realized I had told a fib on it, there are 14 papers not 12, so I guess you could call it a bonus...LOL



Well I must be off to finish some layouts for the kits I have for my CT duties. They have some really nice new kits over at Studio Style Designs and so does Tina Williams Designs. Tina has a wonderful series of kits called Faith Based Series and I think she is up to 11 or 12 of them. I have found them to work well for Heritage layouts. Boo has been keeping us busy with her surprise, you just never know what that girl will be haing us do next...LOL I can tell you this though on the 11th she will be showing it to you on her blog and maybe even on the Boo's Blossoms Blog .

Enjoy the kit and be sure to share your layouts with me so I can show them off here.


Monday, February 4, 2008

Monday, Monday and a couple of freebies

Well what a week this past week was. Do not know if it made the news in your part of the world, but it sure did here. All about how really totally stupid and mean people can be. I am talking about a young man (21 years old) and what he did to his 3 month old son.

On Tuesday Morning a couple walking in Galveston, found the body of a baby and it's carrier off the side of the road. The baby had died of blunt force trauma, but here is where it gets really morbid. The father of the child had stomped on the baby's head until he felt the skull crush and then like trash he threw it out on the the side of the road. Now it gets even more bizzare, he turned himself into the Philadelphia, PA police dept on Friday, saying he had done something bad in Texas. The police here had been looking for him locally since he only had 1/2 tank of gas and ten dollars.

How did he make it to PA, you might ask, well, this bad person, had stopped at churches and with a sad story had gotten them to give him money to travel on. How he could have the nerve to ask for help at churches after what he had done, is beyond me, but he did. It will now make it harder for those that really do need help to get it since he played the good people for suckers.

This is the second child that has been found thrown away in Galveston in the past few months. Neither one was from Galveston, the first was from Ohio via Houston and was named by the Galveston PD "Baby Grace". Her mother and step-father had killed her, placed her in a plastic storage box, and tossed her into the Bay. Some fishermen found the box and opened it and for the next month the PD tried hard to find who she was. Her Grandmother in Ohio saw the sketch and called the Galveston PD and the rest is history.

Soapbox time:::: Why if these people do not want these children, do they not give them away? Here in Texas, and I think most states, if you for wahever reason do not want your children, you can take them to the Police or Fire Station, or the local hospital and turn them over without any kind of legal action being taken against them. I know a couple that would have loved to have had either child, could have afforded to raise them right and would have been wonderful parents. They cannot adopt here in the States due to their age and her health, not anything terminal, just has to use a wheelchair to get around, but is classed as handicapped, so not eligable to adopt.

OK enough depressing things, so on to other stuff......

Did you all make it to the Boo's Blossoms Blog Grand Opening? Grab that wonderful kit? Boo was so nice to make it to share. I saw we had MANY comments and the LOs have started coming in, can hardly wait to see them posted. There will always be something going on there, challenges and some freebies from time to time. Speaking of freebies, here are a couple of kits I made for color challenges and thought I would pass them on to you all.

The first on was for the Color Challenge that Boo is hosting again this month at Stone Accents Studio where she also sells her beautiful kits (and she has a big surprise coming on the 11th of this month). Oh and if you check often at SAS you can end up with a very nice Mega Kit from all the kits made for the challenge.




The second kit is also for a Color Challenge and at a store that Boo sells in, what a surprise...LOL The store is Color Line Designs and they have some really pretty things there. Here is that kit




That all for now, see YA Later,

Friday, February 1, 2008

New Month and a GREAT New Blog

Febuary has come in with a beautiful, sunny day here in Alvin, Texas. 'Bout dang time we see some sun...LOL

Now about the GREAT New Blog, it is Boo's Blossoms and we, the CTs and Boo, the designer, have some really great things for you to see, download and do. First off it is the brain-child of Boo of BooLandDesigns (be sure to check her blog out too, she always has some goodies to share).

Just look at this great kit she made for the CTs to share with you.

Here are a couple of the Layouts I made using that kit.

Credits: Boo Silva, BooLand Sedigns, Blossom, Template 14 by Fanette

Buchart Gardens

Credits: BooLandDesigns 'Blossoms', THD-T27, MaryHelenJF

As you will see at Boo's Blossoms , there will always be ways you can win a prize, get your layouts posted, plus, there will be some other wonderful surprises come your way. I didn't show everything that is offered there and you do have to go there to get the links for the new kit, so grab a cup of coffee and rush right over there, to see and grab some goodies..... I am off to see what I can find to keep me busy making layouts, because I heard a secret from Boo, that there is something big coming later in Febuary that we are all going to love, but more about that in a later post.

You know as I read my email this morning, I saw several new things, but I'll post about them later today, gotta go get a refill on the coffee.