Friday, February 22, 2008

Why do people Pirate?????

I have been making the rounds of some of my FAV blogs, Bunny Cates, KimB, Val Ostrom and a few others, and all I keep seeing is just how much hurt people pack on to others. I cannot believe that people do the following

1) Complain about the freebies, ok so it might not be perfect but the price was, FREE. Most of us enjoy the freebies and really want them so stop being so negative.

2) Steal from the designers. The designers do this for 2 reasons, extra money and for the love of creating, so why take either of those things away form them. Would you go into Wal-Mart and steal things? Well you are doing the same thing when you download something that someone else has put out there, someone that is NOT the designer.

3) Upload things from stores so anyone can download them, of course they must think since I paid for it I can do whatever I want with it. These kits are NOT like used cars you cannot re-sell them or give them away. Read the TOUS!!!!!

4) Talk S**T in the comments section and then not leave their names, only cowards do that. Don't tell me you cannot leave a name, get a gmail account and you will have a name. Google allows that and I have not seen any blog that accepts comments that doesn't allow you to put your name in the comment section, so be a stand up person and LEAVE YOUR NAME!

What is wrong with people? For the most part everyone is nice but the few 'rotten apples' sure are making it hard on those that really need the freebies, folks on fixed incomes do really need them, so why are there those that want to take away their source of supplies? I got started scapping using freebies from people like Kristine, Kimb, Bunny, Pillowgirl, BooLandDesigns, TinaWilliamsDesigns and from the different shops. That is how many of us got our first supplies for this wonderful passtime, and I still support those ladies in their hosted challenges, buying their kits etc.

Ok I am off to do some running, so will try to post a more postive note later tonight.



Bunny Cates, said...

I dont know abot anyone else. But I could kiss your face!

makeyesup said...

You made one really good comment "for the most part everyone is nice". That is so true and it's really a shame that the others are our there. I appreciate so much anything that is shared and would not every steal or knock those generous people. Three cheers for the good ones, they usually get forgotten amongst the minority of bad ones.