Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Where has January gone????

I was reading on someone's blog today about how as we get older time really flies and all I can say about that is AIN'T IT THE TRUTH!!!!!!

Ok, on to business. The designers over at Studio Style Designs have made a superduper Mega Kit for Feburary and it is on sale right now until MIDNIGHT tonight (Jan 30th) for 50% off and let me tell you it is HUGE. Oh would you like to see it? That can be arranged just look below

I am one of the many Creative Team members there and of course I got to play with it some before it was realeased. Made a few layouts and some surprises to be announced at a later date.

First off I had to make myself a new desktop

SSD Feb Mega Kit_You're Beautiful, MellyKat Calendar template, photo layout created by me

Then I remembered some picturs the kids took at the Reniassance Festival back in November, so I made it and called it Ren Faire Kids

SSD Feb Mega Kit_You're Beautiful, ald_sih template 1, ScriptissimoForteSwirlsStart, Eye Candy 4000_Glass

Here is one of my Granddaughter called U R My Star

SSD Feb Mega kit_You're Beautiful, THD_T63, ScriptissimoForteSwirlsStart, Eye Candy 4000_Glass and Fur

The template I used was compliments of Trish from Templates-N-More and you can find her templates at DID . She really has some fantastic templates.

Oh and while I am thinking about it, besure to check back on FRIDAY, because the Boo's Blossoms will be having a huge announcement and you can get all the scoop right here...LOL

Till then, try really hard to stay warm, cool, dry, wet, away from the wild-fires in North Texas and any other problems the weather might dump on y'all.

Good Night,


Monday, January 28, 2008

Monday Morning Quicky

Just wanted to post my last Freebie for the month. This one was created for the Color Challenge at The Scrappeing Garden, there are certainly some really pretty ones already there. Here is what the kit looks like, as usual I got a little carried away making papers...LOL
Papers were created using PSP masks and template from Tina Williams, Frames from Tina, lace and ribbons from The Ephemeral Victorian and the bow from Scrapgirl.

and here are the download links, please leave me a comment either here or on 4shared.....

Later Y'all,


Thursday, January 24, 2008

Yukky Weather, but then it is January in Texas

My least favorite month of the year is January, trees are bare, grass is brown (or in the case when my son lives in Oklahoma, blonde), skys look like they were painted with lead colored paint, just a very depressing time of the year. Of course, that will soon change, and before we know it it will be June and then we will be griping about the heat.

The birds are already looking for their spring and summer dwellings, so the birdhouses are getting a real checking out. Early Sunday morning, though it was cold, the birds were fighting over which house is the best, or do the old tenants get to have it again this year. It is funny, since I am sure that some of the argueing was being done by the babies from last year, trying to take over the house that was their home. I love it when all the houses are full, getting to watch the bbies learn to fly is such a joy to behold. Ihave some new houses to put up, if it ever gets dry enough to get out into the yard. One of them fits on my window, so we can watch the progress of the nest up close and personal.

On to other things. Today I made another kit for a color challenge. This one is for Color Line Designs , instead of doing a layout I asked for and received permission to make and share a kit using their color palette. The kit has 16 papers and 16 elements. I created this little kit using items from the following people or stores, MooTwoDesigns (paper overlays), Tina Williams (paper overlay), ScrappingmyBunsoff (paper overlays), and The Ephemeral Victorian (lace, frames, flowers and ribbons). All products were either bought by me or were freely given by the designer.

Here are the links to download. As usual I ask that you leave a comment either here or on 4shared and that if you feel you need to share this kit please pass on my my Blog address not the links. If you make a layout with one of my kits I would be honored to show it off here, so send me a note at the address you can find in my profile.
Till next time, be kind to the little creatures of this world. It is also hard for them to make it through this cold, miserable weather, so some seeds, fresh water and a place to get out of the wind/rain/snow is a big help to them and to US.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

New Goodies from BooLand Designs

We have busy little beavers working on the splendid new Birthstone series of kits from none other than BooLand Designs. These kits are done in the colors that represent the birthstones of the months and some other colors that work wonderfully with the birthstone colors. They are in 2 different stores Stone Accent Studio and at Do It Digi and there is a freebie sampler for each kit on Boo's Blog. BTW... These are my Great Neices and my Grand daughter, taken while they were playing Fashion Model.

Here is what they look like and a LO I made using each of them;


I used
template_01_by_zauberbaumfee for this one


I used
Moriginals Template No 011 For this one.

I used Templates-N-More Template T75 for this LO and

you can find her templates at Do It Digi. I am also a CT for her.

So this is the Birthstone kits and after having worked with them today I can tell you they are a joy!!! So bright and varied, sure was a delightful way to spend this gloomy day.

Hope you have a wonderful week!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Nice LO to share

I had a very nice email waiting for me tonight and it was such a cute LO using one of my kits. It is my FIRST LO done with one of my freebies and it made me feel all warm and fuzzy.

Thank you Shae for taking the time to hunt down my email addy so you could send it to me. I am going to add it to my profile so if there is anyone else that wants to send me something they can.

Here is the LO showing off her very cute Pocket Puppy;

I want a puppy like this one...LOL Oh wait, I have a dog and a cat, so guess I cannot have another one....:)

Monday, January 7, 2008

'Nuther Color Challenge and 'Nuther freebie

My boss lady, Boo, from BooLand Designs, is hosting the color challenge at Stone Accents Studio and of course I had to give it a whirl. It turned out ok I guess, but I thought I would share it and hopefully some of you will like it enough to use it. If you do, please send it to me and I'll be sure to post it here on my blog.

Here is the preview

Here are the download links;



Saturday, January 5, 2008

New year and new FREEBIES!!!

Here it is January 2008, and I am still moping around. Really do hate this time of year, all gloomy and the greens are pretty much gond, both the ones in Nature and the folding kind, too...LOL

I have been busy at the computer though, since it is too messy to do much else, and I made a couple of Color Challenge kits. One for DSO and one for Hummie'sWorld . While making kits is fun, I can tell you I really have no desire to make them to sell, even if I am good at it. It really is hard work and time consuming, so be sure to thank the folks that do make kits either for sale or as freebies, for all their hard work. I also want to thanks all the fine folks that make, share and sell, the items we can use to make elements. The fine Ladies that share at The Ephemeral Victorian makes some wonderful things for we freebie makes to use. Tina Williams Designs always has some great commercial use items as does the group at MooTwo Designs . I usually try to buy the grab bags when they have commericial bags on sale.

Now on the goodies!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is the one I made for DSO

You can download it here and please remember to LEAVE ME SOME SUGARS....

Here is the one for Hummie'sWorld

I guess you just have be from the South to know that SUGARS is the same as Loving...LOL

Here are the download links

Hope you have a great Weekend and that the weather where you are is perfect!!