Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Where has January gone????

I was reading on someone's blog today about how as we get older time really flies and all I can say about that is AIN'T IT THE TRUTH!!!!!!

Ok, on to business. The designers over at Studio Style Designs have made a superduper Mega Kit for Feburary and it is on sale right now until MIDNIGHT tonight (Jan 30th) for 50% off and let me tell you it is HUGE. Oh would you like to see it? That can be arranged just look below

I am one of the many Creative Team members there and of course I got to play with it some before it was realeased. Made a few layouts and some surprises to be announced at a later date.

First off I had to make myself a new desktop

SSD Feb Mega Kit_You're Beautiful, MellyKat Calendar template, photo layout created by me

Then I remembered some picturs the kids took at the Reniassance Festival back in November, so I made it and called it Ren Faire Kids

SSD Feb Mega Kit_You're Beautiful, ald_sih template 1, ScriptissimoForteSwirlsStart, Eye Candy 4000_Glass

Here is one of my Granddaughter called U R My Star

SSD Feb Mega kit_You're Beautiful, THD_T63, ScriptissimoForteSwirlsStart, Eye Candy 4000_Glass and Fur

The template I used was compliments of Trish from Templates-N-More and you can find her templates at DID . She really has some fantastic templates.

Oh and while I am thinking about it, besure to check back on FRIDAY, because the Boo's Blossoms will be having a huge announcement and you can get all the scoop right here...LOL

Till then, try really hard to stay warm, cool, dry, wet, away from the wild-fires in North Texas and any other problems the weather might dump on y'all.

Good Night,