Tuesday, May 26, 2009

May 09 DSO color challenge papers

Just a quicky tonight. Here are the papers I made for KimB's color challenge at DSO (click here to download). It is 15 papers thought I might actually get around to making some elements but the 'mojo' for that is LONG gone I think.
Lots going on around here, just still trying to get my thoughts all gathered up. Our oldest son announced Friday night, he and his family are thinking seriously about moving to Tulsa OK, of course that means we would move also. Cannot live without the kids you know... Not a real good time to be considering a move like that, but if they move so will we, it would just take us longer since we have our house to sell among other things. I love the Tulsa area so moving there isn't a problem for me, since our other son already lives up there, just such a pain to have to get ready for that kind of move. The fact that hubby and I both are such pack rats, there will have to be LOTS of sorting and filling trash bags, trips to the recycle bin and to make donations at the Salvation Army, but it can be done if we work on it everyday. Heck it is something we should be doing anyway...LOL
Ok will try to post again soon,

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

BOO's Back and hosting the SAS-y Color Challenge

Well well, we thought she was gone for good this time, but alas she swam upstream through all the PC problems and made her way back to the Digi-Scrapping World and we are certainly glad about that. She came back with a bang and I'll show you more about that later plus will also show it on the Boo's Blossoms Blog which I promise to UPDATE today.

Here is the color swatch she choose for May
And here are the papers I made using them.

You can either click on the preview or HERE to download. If you like these colors you really should check out the other beautiful kits that have been designed and offered at Stone Accents Studio in The Color Challenge Gallery

There are some really outstanding layouts and Free kits there.

On the Homefront, hubby is almost over whatever kind of flu he had, but we are CERTAIN it wasn't the Swine Flu, had it before that Hoop-La started and he sure hasn't been to Mexico. We had a flood here in Alvin, on the 18th of April, I am not sure how many homes were flooded but there sure are many piles of wet carpet out for the trash pickup. Thankfully all of my family stayed HIG and DRY unless you needed to go to the store then you had to dodge high water all that Saturday. It certainly has been a strange Spring this year, first there was NO RAIN and then in a week or so we got close to 12 inches. Many areas of Houston got all theirs in one night, so it is now Mosquito time. At least up until the past couple of days it has been cool, but now I guess humidity and heat is with us until at least the end of September, BUT, I wouldn't trade the Upper Texas Gulf Coast for any other place in the world.

Ok off to start an update on the Blossom's Blog talk to y'all later.


Friday, April 24, 2009

Check out Touch of Summer, it is on SALE, plus U get 2 freebies from ME

I was going through my CT for Scrapbrat Designs folder and found I had missed one of her kits, so off I went to make some layouts with it. I had fun doing the Style Challenge at GDS, and I had found a great template by Joni Gray and she was nice enough to let me use it to make a Freebie QP with Scrapbrat Designs Kit "TOUCH OF SUMMER". You can find the kit at SAS , BTST , DigiDesignsresort and at Inspiration Lane . It is on SALE at all the stores.

I told you I had a couple of freebies for you and the first is a QP made using Joni Grays Template and Scrapbrat Designs kit.

Either click on the preview or HERE to download

The second gift are the papers I made for the April DSO Colour Challenge and you can either click on the preview or HERE for the download

Well that is it for me today. Have several new kits I have to work with, you know saying HAVE TO sounds bad, I love working with the designer's kit. The really fun part is getting to see it FIRST most times before it is even in the Stores. I know for a fact that 3 of the Girls I CT for, Lara's DigiWorld, Scrapbrat Designs and Booland Designs have something NEW up their sleeves for you.

So enjoy your gifts and I am off to unzip some files so I can see what all I have need to work with.

Lois AKA LAdye

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Plug for a new kit and a couple of freebies

You know I THINK it is about time I re-do my blog, but I am so lazy and would much rather make layouts instead. SO I guess I'll put it on my to-do list.

My Good Friend Trudie AKA Scrapbrat Designs has been really busy lately. She had joined some more stores. She is now in Studio Style Designs, Been There Scrapped That (waving at my friends Colie and Liz) and DigiDesignResort and she has this beautiful kit on sale at each of them. The kit is called 'TIME FOR TEA' and is very pretty with soft colors and pretty elements. I would think it would be perfect for Mother's Day layouts.

So this bring me to the goodies. I made a layout that I thought turned out very nice (used one of Andrea Gold's CU Templates) and thought you might enjoy having it to play with yourselves. Just click on the preview to download.

And if that doesn't work you can download it here
Oh and before I forget, Trudie has this pretty Cluster frame waiting for you on her blog, so drop over there and say HI!

It is time for the news and how else would I ever know what is going on if I forget to watch it, so I am off to TVLand. HAve a very good evening and hope you enjoy our gifts.

Friday, April 3, 2009

I am so SORRY about the zip file for ADSD

I had fooled with the compression setting on my Winzip program and it wouldn't open any files I created with those setting on older versions. I have reuploaded it using the correct setting (you can bet I'll never change them again...LOL) and have changed the links here on the blog. I hope you all will try it again, as these are my most favorite papers I have even made.

Yesterday I was so busy, I didn't even have time to check anything but this morning I found out my zip file for my part of the ADSD SPRING THINGS Blog Train was corrupt. I have redone it and it works this time. I am so sorry to all that downloaded it, it was weird that it didn't unzip for ANY of us, but it is fixed now. When I tried the orginal one I had made it wouldn't even unzip, before it went to 4shared, so it was a Lois GOOF not a problem with 4shared...:)

You can download it here

I checked it better this time. That is what I get for always rushing through things.

Thanks to those that let me know and I'll try to do better in the future.


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

ADSD 2009 APRIL Blog Train

Happy April's Fool Day!!!

Instead of a BAD joke/trick, the Folks at ADSD are giving you a SPRING THING Blog Train. Filled with beautiful Springy colored papers and elements. Just remember we come from all over the World, so if you start out really early, then some of the Gifts might not be posted yet. You can check back later and grab all of the 40+ Gifts. We enjoy making these Gifts for your scrapping pleasure, so if you do not mind, a little bit of LUV goes a long way in making our DAY!!!!

I only made papers, 22 of of them, all 12x12 and 300DPI. I love making papers and these colors were extra pretty, so I got a little carried away...LOL You can download them by SEEING NEXT POST

2009 APRIL Blog Train ADSD

Erika {aka PinkuPixie} - http://ppbits.blogspot.com/

Thank you for visiting and be sure to mark you calendar for May 1st, so you can come back to see what we will have for you then.
Have a Safe and wonderful Day!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

March Madness and a Freebie

Here it is March with all the great things that are going on, the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, different smaller events in other towns to attend, but what do I do? I sit home and play on the computer...LOL

GD Brianna was in a One Act Play UIL (Universal Interscholastic League) Contest and her group won First Place for a play named 'Wiley and the Hairy Man' by Susan Zedar. The leading man/boy was won by Michael from her group and the All-star cast was alos won by her group and that included Brianna. SO I would say that they had a very great day for a bunch of 8th graders from Fairview Junior High, one of 5 in AISD Alvin Texas.

Plans are going forward for my youngest son's wedding. Liz has picked her colors and I actually have already bought my dress for it. It isn't until October but I didn't want to wait until the last moment. I found one the right color at a fantastic price, so jumped right on it, but now I have to make up my mind to buy new shoes, something besides tennies, and I hate shoe shopping. Oh well this is a long awaited event so I guess I had better start looking since it takes me forever to find a pair that fit right, have the right heel height and are right for the dress.

Hubby's make-over is going great. He had his left eye fixed in late January and now he is getting all his skin cancers removed. Now if only that perfect job would appear all would be good with him.

Mallory is growing so fast, seems like he will be really keeping us hopping when Spring finally gets here. He so loves to explore the back yard, but that means one of us has to be with him every minute, due to his BAD HABIT of tasting of everything and I do mean everything.

Ok I know you all want to see what I made for KimB's Color Challenge. This time I made only papers but there are 15 of them all at 12x12 @300DPI and here it is;

Download HERE

I just checked the Color Challenge Gallery at DSO and WOW there are some really great free kits there, if you downloaded all of them you would have a very pretty Mega kit.

Well I am off to grab another cuppa coffee so I will bid you a fond HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND,


Saturday, February 28, 2009

It's March First and you know that means another ADSD Blog train!!!! Jump onboard!!!

I can hardly believe another month of 2009 is behind us, it is going way too fast but, there is a little good news. ADSD is offering another fantastic Blog Train, it is called Hurry Up & Get Here, Spring!"

It is full of soft Spring Colors and from what I have seen there are some spectacular freebies for you all to grab. Here are the colorsColorSwatch_March

Aren't they nice?

I made a little something, 12 papers and a few elements

ADSD Hurry Spring Mar09 kit Preview by Lois




Please remember that we are all from different places and countries, so if SOMEONE doesn't have their part up, it isn't because they forgot, it could be because they live in a different TIME-ZONE, so please check back later in the day.

Mags - http://magsgraphics.blogspot.com
DesignsByAmilyn - http://designsbyamilyn.blogspot.com
Gina - http://gina-moondancecreations.blogspot.com/
Jen - www.scrappingwithjen.blogspot.com
Aubrey's Mom - http://scrappinbyaubreysmom.blogspot.com
Donna - www.tootlebugz.com
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Friday, February 20, 2009

DSO Color Challenge FREEBIE

It has been awhile since I posted but part of that is this Roller-Coaster weather we have been having, it sure makes us old folks feel rather poorly....LOL

I thought I had better get this posted before I forgot about it, I will be way too busy next week to get much done, due to the Bar-B-Que Cook-Off at the Houston Rodeo. Now I do not cook or anything that much fun, but since my Son does work with on of the teams, I will have the kids more than usual and that makes my brain very forgetful.

Here is the preview of the kit and you will not see the Alpha on it, I FORGOT to put it there but it is on 4shared...

You can download it here:




Hope you enjoy using my part.


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Showing of my Friend's beautiful kit and a freebie

I do not know If I mentioned it or not, but I am on the Creative Team of Scrapbrat Designs. She makes very pretty what I call Girly Kits. Since I have one of each, in my Grandkids that is ok.

You can find this and other kits at Color Line Design or at DigiDesign Resort, I think you will find she does really pretty work.

Here is a layout I did using this kit, and it shows with just a little work you can make a layout that is not Valentines...LOL

It is called Bird of Paradise and here are the credits;
Scrapbrat Designs, Love Affair, Template by Jennifer at HawTMamaBlog, Liberate and DJB CINDAs, Eye Candy Impact Glass and Bevel

Now I promised you a freebie and here it is, a Quickpage using Love Affair by Scrapbrat Designs be sure to check her blog as there are a few that do not have blogs and she is hosting those.

You can either click on the preview or HERE to get your QP.



Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Update on My Busy Life and a FREEBIE

Well it was a heck of a week. First a new President, then 2 Great Nephews born 12 hours apart. Youngest son got himself engaged to a Beautiful Lady on Thursday and then on Friday, Hubby had Catarac surgery, he is doing great and is loving being able to see again. And my family wonders why I prefer my computer to real life...LOL

Here is a layout I made using Just 4 Fun by Cindy Ritter and a very pretty template by Chris Greiser. It is called She said YES!!!! They both look so happy adn I am on cloud ( myself. She is perfect for him and the whole family is crazy about her. I also made a second layout with the same kit and a template by ChrissyW. It is just called The Ring.

Now on to the FREEBIE. It is a small kit (12 papers and 3 elements) I made for KimB's color challenge at DSO. I really loved the colors and plan to download all of the kits that others made, since there are so many of them and they are so beautiful.

Here is the download link or you can just click on the preview.

Hope you enjoy the kit, I know I had a blast making the papers, the preview not so much...LOL

Have a Good Night and try to say either warm or cool depending on where you live.


Monday, January 12, 2009

Long time no SEE!!! so here is a freebie

I must be the World's worst blogger, cannot believe it has been this long since I posted. I guess I just haven't gotten the Blog Habit down right yet, so I thought I would share a freebie I made for a non-existent Color Challenge, well it really did exist but it was for Jan 08 not Jan 09. It was the one at Stone Accents Studio, that is normally hosted by Boo of Booland Designs, but due to PC problems she hasn't posted the Jan 09 one yet.


After I had gotten it all made, packaged up and ready to post I realized it was the wrong one. I thought today I would share the one I made for the 08 challenge and then (for the only in my mind) Jan 09. I cannot believe how much I have learned over the past year. If you do not have the first one, together they should make a good sized kit. Preview of the 08 kit

SAS-y Jan Color challenge.preview

Download links for 08 Elements , 08 Papers1 , 08 Papers 2


Now for the Jan 09 kit

Jan SAS CC by Lois

Download link for Jan 09 kit

Now for a little update on what I have been doing. Babysitting Mallory of course but I have joined two new Designer's Creative teams. First it was Cindy Ritter and last Scrapbrat Designs, more about them later. I promise to post some of the layouts I have made with their kits, but will save that for another day.

So for now I bide you a fond Bye Bye,