Monday, February 4, 2008

Monday, Monday and a couple of freebies

Well what a week this past week was. Do not know if it made the news in your part of the world, but it sure did here. All about how really totally stupid and mean people can be. I am talking about a young man (21 years old) and what he did to his 3 month old son.

On Tuesday Morning a couple walking in Galveston, found the body of a baby and it's carrier off the side of the road. The baby had died of blunt force trauma, but here is where it gets really morbid. The father of the child had stomped on the baby's head until he felt the skull crush and then like trash he threw it out on the the side of the road. Now it gets even more bizzare, he turned himself into the Philadelphia, PA police dept on Friday, saying he had done something bad in Texas. The police here had been looking for him locally since he only had 1/2 tank of gas and ten dollars.

How did he make it to PA, you might ask, well, this bad person, had stopped at churches and with a sad story had gotten them to give him money to travel on. How he could have the nerve to ask for help at churches after what he had done, is beyond me, but he did. It will now make it harder for those that really do need help to get it since he played the good people for suckers.

This is the second child that has been found thrown away in Galveston in the past few months. Neither one was from Galveston, the first was from Ohio via Houston and was named by the Galveston PD "Baby Grace". Her mother and step-father had killed her, placed her in a plastic storage box, and tossed her into the Bay. Some fishermen found the box and opened it and for the next month the PD tried hard to find who she was. Her Grandmother in Ohio saw the sketch and called the Galveston PD and the rest is history.

Soapbox time:::: Why if these people do not want these children, do they not give them away? Here in Texas, and I think most states, if you for wahever reason do not want your children, you can take them to the Police or Fire Station, or the local hospital and turn them over without any kind of legal action being taken against them. I know a couple that would have loved to have had either child, could have afforded to raise them right and would have been wonderful parents. They cannot adopt here in the States due to their age and her health, not anything terminal, just has to use a wheelchair to get around, but is classed as handicapped, so not eligable to adopt.

OK enough depressing things, so on to other stuff......

Did you all make it to the Boo's Blossoms Blog Grand Opening? Grab that wonderful kit? Boo was so nice to make it to share. I saw we had MANY comments and the LOs have started coming in, can hardly wait to see them posted. There will always be something going on there, challenges and some freebies from time to time. Speaking of freebies, here are a couple of kits I made for color challenges and thought I would pass them on to you all.

The first on was for the Color Challenge that Boo is hosting again this month at Stone Accents Studio where she also sells her beautiful kits (and she has a big surprise coming on the 11th of this month). Oh and if you check often at SAS you can end up with a very nice Mega Kit from all the kits made for the challenge.




The second kit is also for a Color Challenge and at a store that Boo sells in, what a surprise...LOL The store is Color Line Designs and they have some really pretty things there. Here is that kit




That all for now, see YA Later,


Maria said...

Thank you! The DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking freebie search engine is going to list this blog post today.

mhsalgado said...

Wow Lois! Not 1 but 2 kits? You're an angel! Thank you so much!

Terebene said...

Thank you. I agree so much about the kiddos. Breaks my heart.

Lisa said...

Beautiful colors here!
Thanks for the freebies!
I'm with ya on the words can express the sorrow the rest of us feel!