Sunday, March 30, 2008

I have been sooooooo Busy!

We are having a little competition over at Boo's Blossoms Blog and have some very nice gifts for those that enter. It starts on April 1st and you can get all the details from the blog.

I know that you will enjoy playing with us. So I have been busy helping get it all set up for you all and the requirements will be posted on the Boo's Blossoms Blog late Mondy evening or early Tuesday Morning.

The other reason I have been busy is, I helped with a wedding. My oldest son performs wedding ceremonies for friends and family, and today he had one to do. Well since it was late in the afternoon and his wife had to go to work, that left MaMaw with the 'watching the BOY' duties...LOL Not that I mind that at all, but would have liked to have had less watching and more photographing, but that is the way it is when you have a 16 month old exploreer in the family. He is one of those children that has to taste everything from rocks he finds, to the cat if it will be still long enough, so you have to watch him every second. I need to make a recording that says "NOT IN YOUR MOUTH" and just play it over and over, since that is what I have to say all the time. I didn't even get any photos of the baby just the Wedding party and I'll share them after I get them all downloaded and such.

I have done some scrapping though, challenges and pages for the wonderful folks I CT for, but no designing at all, just not enough hours in the day. I have taken a little time out to take a few pictures of the local flowers and now that my Wisteria is loaded with blooms, I have to remember tomorrow is it isn't raining to snap a few of it and the other flowers that have blessed with with a feeling of Spring. Oh that along with all the Birds in the yard, racing to find things to add to their nests, makes one know SPRING has SPRUNG on the Upper Texas Gulf Coast.

Be sure to check Boo's Blossoms blog to find out all the details of the 'Spring Passion' Competition on April 1st.

Till next time, be safe and enjoy life!