Saturday, August 2, 2008

Have you heard of ARTSCOW.COM?

One day while searching, as I do everyday, for Free templates and other digi-scrapping thing, I saw an ad on one of the blogs for a new company called ArtsCow that makes photo books and photo prints (no 12x12s at this time but lots of other sizes). As a signup bonus you get 400 4x6 photo prints and another un-named gift from them. I thought why not give them a try, even if they are in China. Well I did and as very pleased with the book I ordered, quality, speed and even the price was very nice. Instead of the usual 8x8 book with 20 pages they offer a 30 page book and additional pages are very reasonable. Shipping was $11.99 but they have lowered that to $7.99 so it also compares with the other companies. SO I thought I would share the link with all of you.

I was very surprised at the speed with which I got my book, knowing how busy they are being new and having so many offers going on. I ordered the book on July 21 and got it on July 31, so coming from China that seemed really good service. I also ordered a few 4x6 prints to compare and those were also very bit as good as I can get locally or at other online stores. Next I think I'll try the 5x7s since I have lots of frames those will fit perfectly.

They have a Community Forum where you can see what people have had printed with them. That way you can see I am not just Whistling Dixie at you about the quality. Almost everyone is very pleased with their books, and most errors were made by the designer not the company. I know it was my fault some of the pages were too big for the page causing me to lose a little of the journaling, but I have done the same thing with the other company I used before.

Sure wish I had scanned my book and it's cover so you all could see it, but I didn't.

Ok enough advertising for now. Have a great weekend and if you are where it is HOT stay as cool as you can and if it is cold, I envy you totally...LOL



HollyinPA said...

Thank you for this site!!! I just went there & WOW!!! What a lot of great free stuff they give you!!!

Thanks so much!

Shebadoo said...

Thanks for the link. I'm off to look at the site right now.

artscow sucks said...

What sort of operation takes great measures to ensure their identities remain a secret? closed my account because I addressed the CEO by his real name in their forums. That is right, "Berry" is a made up name, but beware, address him by his real name and your account will be closed. Of course, my account will be reopened if "You need to promise no arguments again on our forum, and don't post our communications or other company details to third parties."

This dispute began when I complained about their affiliate program. They offer 200 free prints if you refer someone and they make a purchase. I made 13 successful referrals, then attempted to collect my 2,600 free prints. Well, they have an unpublished policy which states only 50 free prints per size per month can be redeemed. I will have to wait 26 months to get all of my free prints. Their ad says if you refer 100 people you get 20,000 prints, but the ad fails to mention that you must wait nearly 17 years to collect these prints.

I should have heeded the earlier warning signs. "Berry" informed me that only exact shipping costs are charged, however the shipping costs are clearly printed on the packaging from the postal service. This was Berry's first lie to me, most of their profit surely comes from shipping.

Are you interested in the real names of the people behind this unscrupulous business? Look at their latest annual return here:
This identifies the owners as:
CHAI PO YING: Secretary, 4,000,000 shares
FU LIANG: 3,500,000 shares
LAM YUEN HING: Director, 2,000,000 shares
WONG CHUN KAI: 1,000,000 Shares

Be aware that this company uses many deceptive business practices and lies to their customers. I do not recommend using them. If I referred you in the past, I am sorry. I have informed the Hong Kong police of the deceptive practices used by LAM YUEN HING et al. and I have requested the open a fraud investigation. If you are also a victim of LAM YUEN HING's deception, I urge you to file a report as well:
1) Fax: 2200 4305
2) Email:
3) Web Site:

Additionally, you can file a report with the consumer council:

Finally, you can report the deceptive activity to Hong Kong Ethics Development Centre in the following ways.

call them at 25 266 366 (24-hour)

write to them:
Hong Kong Ethics Development Centre
Hong Kong GPO
Box No.: 1000
Hong Kong

Reports should be called in or sent by mail, but email for more information:

makeyesup said...

Your part is beautiful and I thank you for sharing. There is a problem though, cannot open your Terms of Use file. Never heard of .odt files. Do you have something that is in .pdf or .doc format? Even a .jpg would be OK. Do not like to use peoples work if I do not have a Terms of Use file as I always give credits on my layouts.